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Summer 2014 Programs: New 2-Day Format, Great Content

Nobody can argue that honing your skills and learning new ones are great ideas.  The ability to take time away from the office – now that’s the tricky part.  We’ve developed our 2014 programs to be 2 days in length but still content rich.

Account Planning

Ambidexterity 2

Planners may very well find themselves at the point of inflection where change occurs.  Changes in the industry.  In their organization.  In understanding what people do.  We continue to work on a limitless, highly charged blank canvas.  That made us think the idea of Ambidexterity, introduced in our 2013 Exec Ed programs, still applies.

So welcome to Ambidexterity 2.  Content, ideas and tools you can put to immediate use.

Keynote Speaker
Grant McCracken, Ph.D

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Dates: June 23-24, 2014
(Welcome reception/packet pick-up the evening of June 22nd.  Add-on bonus session on Presentation Skills June 25th.)

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Creative Direction

Entrepreneurial Thinking

Necessity is the mother of invention. We don’t really know who made that now famous statement.  Some attribute it to Plato.  It certainly could describe the role of today’s Creative Director.  

The advertising and marketing climate is one of constant reappraisal and endless questions:  how do brands meet people today, what do we want people to do with a brand’s ideas and invitations, has the creative process changed, how do we build teams today and who is the right fit for the team.  Join us for a chance to rethink what we do, share best practices and consider new ones.

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Dates: July 14-15, 2014
(Welcome reception/packet pick-up the evening of July 13th)

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