VCU Brandcenter


You won't find many text books.
Or tests. The work is
collaborative and project-based.  

The Brandcenter curriculum is specifically designed for each track to build on itself every semester. 

Students take track-specific courses in addition to classes with all tracks; so they learn their craft as well as
how to collaborate in a real-world setting. They work in teams for classes like The Business of Branding and
Brand Experiences, and do individual assignments for classes on Creative Thinking and Presentation Skills.
Creatives learn to think strategically, and our strategists and brand managers learn to understand the creative
process and recognize strong creative work.

While our students do some spec work, many assignments are real-world projects for clients (both local and
national brands). Recent examples include Bing/Microsoft, Audi, Free the Slaves, Five Guys, HBO, Barnes & Noble,
ClearChannel Outdoor, NBC, Oreo, The Coca-Cola Company, Goodwill, Virginia Lottery, Lexus, and Ritz-Carlton.

Curriculum and course descriptions for each track:

+ Art Direction

+ Copywriting

+ Creative Brand Management

+ Experience Design

+ Strategy