VCU Brandcenter

Student Showcase

Some of the work our students have created
during their time at the Brandcenter.

The Search for Bagel the Beagle

Andrew Jones, art direction
Elliot Eliash, art direction
James Gross, copywriting
Michael Cardamone, copywriting

Lawn Mower Racing

Nicholas Spinner, strategy 

E-harmony - How I Met Your Mother

Michael Lee, art direction
Hunter Carr, art direction
Thea Ryan, copywriting
Dominic Johns, copywriting


Eddy Allen, art direction
Bianca Diclaro, art direction
Brian Marcolini, copywriting
Russ Rizzo, copywriting



Josh Ghergel, art direction
Stephanie Langan, art direction
Kaitlin DeMayo, copywriting
James Gross, copywriting

Laundry Day

Jason Goldberg, art direction
Stephanie Langan, art direction
Kelly Cabaniss, copywriting 
Jenny Yoon, copywriting


Lakeside Tavern

Alex McClelland, art direction
John Worthington, art direction
Elizabeth Bassett, copywriting
Kevin David, copywriting


Allison Rinaldi, art direction
Shifra Samuel, art direction
Christa Prater, copywriting
Jack McNamara, copywriting
Sam Dworkin, copywriting


Goodlings Goats

Ken Tsuchiya, art direction
Gianna D'Amico, art direction
Richard Whelchel, copywriting
Jeff Dunn, copywriting


E-harmony - Stop Motion Jelly Beans

Shifra Samuel, art direction
Mike Rodriguez, art direction
Evan Chiplock, copywriting

A Taste of Heaven

Lynn Nakamura, art direction
Robert Persky, art direction
Casey Phillips, art direction
Brianna Gross, copywriting
Curtis Winiesdorffer, copywriting 

Project Ophelia

Shang Yang, art direction
Michael Lee, art direction
William Luck, copywriting
Brendan Howard, copywriting

Scrabble: Wage Gap Edition

Kelly Cabaniss, copywriting
Jansen Yoder, art direction

Boss Mom

This video is one part of a project from Berwyn Hung's Experimentation class where students took on different issues/injustices. A group of female students took on the glass ceiling in advertising, aka the 3% (now 11%) issue, especially as it relates to moms. The students' full presentation included specific recommendations and tactics for attacking/solving the problem.

Caroline Gallalee, Copywriting
Jessie Kemmerling, Art Direction
Andrea Vega, Experience Design
Limah Taeb, Experience Design

Vocal Cloak: The Easy-to-Use Accent Eraser

Will Bareford, Copywriting
Mike Cardamone, Copywriting
Frank Garguilo, Art Direction
Liwen Xu, Art Direction

Goodbye Garbers: A Documentary


Allison Apperson, Director, Producer and Director of Photography
Yelena Sophia, Director of Photography
Logan Kornhauser, Director of Photography and Logo Designer

Amazon Emma

Xia Du, Experience Design
Yanci Wu, Experience Design

*Future Lions winner

Old Tom Foolery greeting cards

Old Tom Foolery Instagram Wedding Old Tom Foolery New Baby Smell Old Tom Foolery Birthday Older Not Wiser

Brandcenter alumni Joel (CW, 2005) and Lauren (AD, 2005) Gryniewski own a greeting card company called Old Tom Foolery, specializing in sarcastic, witty, well-designed cards. They asked the Brandcenter students to help write copy for their newest greeting card line. Take a look at all thirteen cards written by Brandcenter students: Brandcenter students' Old Tom Foolery cards

Instagram Wedding: Stephen Shockett (CW, 2016)
New-Baby Smell: Mike Stango (CW, 2016)
Another Year Older: Conor McFarland (CW, 2017)

Shake 'N Bake: For Cooks Who Don't

Anne Marie Wonder, Art Direction
Shannon Smith, Art Direction
Scott Lucien, Copywriting
Whitney Paul, Creative Brand Management
Greg Donnelly, Strategy
Emily Reese, Experience Designer

Champion Sportswear

Roxie Reeves, Art Direction
Lily Fu, Art Direction
Stephen Shocket, Copywriting
Jacob Pankey, Copywriting

Michaels: We Made It

Tori McGoogan, Art Direction
Stephen Shocket, Copywriting
Michelle Darnell, Creative Brand Management
Will Espinoza, Creative Brand Management
Caitlin Hines, Strategy

Galantis: U & I

For Visual Storytelling, students were tasked with making a film for anything.

Joshua Gherghel, Art Direction
Alex McClelland, Art Direction
Matthew Neylon, Copywriting
Kaitlin DeMayo, Copywriting

POP! Vinyl Education

This assignment asked the creative students to think of both analog and digital experiences and how those experiences could help a brand meet a goal.

Allison Apperson, Art Direction
Shannon Smith, Art Direction
Ray Tolbert, Copywriting

Richmond 48 Hour Film Project: "I Prefer Abby"

"I Prefer Abby," a short horror film by The Kitchen team (mostly made up of participants in The Martin Agency Kitchen), won Best Cinematography and Best Editing in the 2015 Richmond 48 Hour Film Project.

Students who were part of The Kitchen:
Ray Tolbert, Copywriting
Jon Hirsch, Art Direction

The film was edited by Professor Scott Witthaus. 

The Death of the Signature

What started as a simple exploration of whether signing your name matters anymore led to a very interesting peek into what identity is for young people today.  

John Foust, Strategy
Newman Granger, Strategy
Kerry O'Connor, Strategy
Data Oruwari, Strategy

Blenheim Ginger Ale "Fire Ants"

Blenheim Ginger Ale: "Fire Ants"

Kendra Gaines, Art Direction & Copywriting

Kendra Gaines (AD, 2015) was named one of 6 finalists in the Radio Mercury Awards student competition, with her spot for Blenheim Ginger Ale, a ginger ale with a unique taste from South Carolina.

Dasani: Cap the Tap

Yelena Rybkina, art direction
Greg Donnelly, strategy
Mikaila Weaver, experience design
Shannon Smith, art direction
Reginald Wright, creative technology (San Diego Community College)

Washington Redskins: Rebrand

The Project

In response to a growing concern from fans and others about the Redskins' name, two teams of Brandcenter students volunteered to see if a positive solution could emerge from this heated situation.

Both teams included rabid Redskins fans and both focused on finding a positive way to evolve to a new and better identity. Their work is not officially sanctioned by the Redskins, but it was informed by research, strategic analysis and deep creative exploration. These students envisioned a better future for the storied team and applied their talents to bringing about this future.

The teams received no compensation, not even a grade. Their work is singularly motivated by a love of this team and the people who fill its stands.

Please enjoy the work and share it with others. We hope it inspires a new day for the team. And if you're a reporter or Redskins official and you want to know more, send us a note here:

Team 1: Rebels

DC Rebels Logo Redskins Rebrand

DC Rebels Uniform Redskins Rebrand

Scott Beard, Strategy
Molly Cihak, Creative Brand Management
Elizabeth Gardiner, Creative Brand Management
Patrick Girts, Copywriting
Nelson Johnson, Experience Design
Ewa Karweta, Experience Design
Kathryn Stern, Experience Design

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Team 2: Navigators

DC Navigators Logo Redskins Rebrand

DC Navigators Uniform Redskins Rebrand

Alex Belgrave, Art Direction
Patrick Farrell, Copywriting
Jeff Rozman, Art Direction
Yichi Zhang, Creative Brand Management

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RUNA Wearable Technology Mood Ring

Scott Dobbin, Copywriting
Steve Ebert, Strategy
Christina Foy, Experience Design
Tori McGoogan, Art Direction
Kate Stewart, Creative Brand Management
Christian Clay, Strategy

DIRTIE: a composting app for 60 Seconds to SXSW

Aldo Padilla, Experience Design
Rob Stone, Art Direction



Kara Noble, Art Direction
Kai Neddersen, Copywriting
Ted Makarewicz, Creative Technology

Bing Automatic: "Search is Automatic"

Christopher Sheldon, Copywriting
Marybeth Ledesma, Art Direction
Nick Maschmeyer,Strategy
Nadia Hyder, Creative Brand Management

Lives for Lives: "The Auction"

Radio Mercurty Award-Winning Radio Spot: "The Auction"


The radio spot won the student competition of the Radio Mercury Awards and a prize of $1,500.

Patrick Girts, copywriter
Sarah Johnston, copywriter<br/ >

"The Auction" was part of a campaign Sarah and Patrick developed for Lives for Lives, an initiative they and their Brandcenter teammates, Josh Stolz (AD, 2015), Rosalee Lewis (AD, 2015), Aldo Padilla (XD, 2015), Newman Granger (ST, 2015), and Garrett Lyon (CBM, 2015), developed in response to a problem: People don't see the illegal animal trade as an issue that directly effects them. Yet their research uncovered the fact that poaching helps fund terrorist groups and terrorist acts harming people around the world.

The team's campaign sets out to raise awareness that the illegal animal trade is not just a crime against animals. It is also a crime against people.