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Strategic and Cultural Leadership Series

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Program Length: 6 weeks

Dates: August 2 - September 10, 2021

Registration Fee: $1,300.00

Instruction Breakdown:

Time Commitment: 4-8 hours per week

- 2-4 hours per week of Asynchronous on-your-own-time material

- 2-4 hours per week of Synchronous live Zoom sessions

All live, synchronous Zoom sessions will be held on a Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday/Thursday schedule each week between the hours of 3:30-6:00 p.m. ET.

Program Description:

Strategy and culture are among the primary levers at top leaders’ disposal in the never-ending quest to maintain organizational viability and effectiveness. Strategy offers a formal logic for the company’s goals and orients people around them. Culture, however, is a more elusive lever, because much of it is anchored in unspoken behaviors, mindsets, and social patterns. Culture expresses goals through values and beliefs and guides activity through shared assumptions and group norms.

When aligned with strategy and leadership, a strong culture drives positive organizational outcomes. Developing leaders for the future requires a fresh approach to developing forward-looking strategy and culture. For better or worse, culture and leadership are inextricably linked. As someone once said, culture eats strategy for breakfast.

The best leaders are fully aware of the multiple cultures embedded in an organization, can sense when change is required, and can deftly influence the process. Influential leaders often set new cultures in motion and imprint values and assumptions that persist for decades. Over time, an organization’s leaders can also shape culture, through both conscious and unconscious actions. 

Through this program, leaders can harness the power of culture in their organizations and assess its alignment with strategy. The program will also cover how aligning culture with strategy can help build organizations that thrive in even the most trying times.

Session Descriptions:

The Winning X Factor: Culture | Led by Kristen Cavallo & Carmina Drummond

What’s happening with companies (#metoo, #timesup and #blm) aren’t HR issues. They are culture issues. Power issues. Many companies talk about diversity but remove disruptive people. That’s rationale for homogeneity. Culture is candor. It’s sweat. It’s embracing differences productively. It’s public. It’s sometimes messy. And when done well, it’s a force multiplier in business. Listen to The Martin Agency’s Chief Culture Officer, Carmina Drummond, and Chief Executive Officer, Kristen Cavallo discuss their strategy for building an internal culture that contributes to external success. 

The Art and Science of Creative Leadership | Led by Jennifer Clinehens

Success in creative leadership requires an understanding of your psychology as well as that of your clients, stakeholders, and team. Strong leaders must be empathetic and able to persuade, with growth mindsets that help them flex to meet ever-changing industry demands. This session will combine the latest evidence-based approaches from behavioral science, neuroscience, and psychology to become leaders that lift-up and empower teams.

Prankster Economics | Led by Jordan Childs

This is a workshop covering new approaches to managing companies and markets. What can we learn from pirates, outlaws, and hackers? Primarily, that living outside the law requires energy and ingenuity, not to mention serious organization and cooperation. Consider pirates of the eighteenth century who practically shut down transatlantic trade–their success was not random. In contemporary times, the creativity, willpower, and innovative nature of prankster economics are valuable tools, and can help you get ahead. It’s not about being on the fringe and trying to break in, but about bringing the fringe into the center and revolutionizing from the inside out.

Intuitive, Empathetic, and Empowered Leadership | Led by Benita Conde

Reconnect with your intuition, get clear on your highest excitements, define your personal calling, and operate from a more empowered space in your own life so that you can lead others from this aligned and inspired place. This session will take you on an inner journey, guiding you to more self-awareness, cultivating empathy (which allows for more inclusivity) and leads to more empowered interactions with others. Break through the fear, lack-belief, and scarcity mindset that pulses loudly in the creative business world and create more positive, empowered, and fulfilling outcomes for you and others.

Conflict as a Catalyst for Individual & Organizational Growth | Led by Natalie Garramone

Employees who feel heard and leaders who bring forward initiatives are valuable assets. They collaborate and complete new projects. They stay at the company. Easing the anxiety around difficult conversations transforms an organization. This session and accompanying interactive and reflective exercises are designed to solve existing problems and create systems that participants can consistently employ to make conflict constructive.

Lion Tamers: How to Sell Ideas and Manage Clients | Led by Rick Utzinger

So you have a great idea. Congratulations. That’s never easy but it’s also just table stakes. If you can’t sell the idea to your client, all is for not. What this session will do is provide multiple tips on how to sell to clients of all types, how to take unexpected feedback and make it work in your favor and how to hold the line when necessary. You want your ideas out in the world. This session will help you get them past the gatekeeper, fully intact.

Session Order:

Week 1 | August 2-6: Benita Conde
Week 2 | August 9-13: Jennifer Clinehens
Week 3 | August 16-20: Jordan Childs
Week 4 | August 23-27: Natalie Garramone
Week 5 | August 30-September 3: Rick Utzinger
Week 6 | September 7-10: Kristen Cavallo & Carmina Drummond

Learning Objectives:

- Participants will learn how to understand your particular team’s dynamic in order to manifest a creative, productive environment

- Blended management tools designed to accelerate cultural and strategic team development

- Updated, Tactical Leadership tools and frameworks

- Redesigning the corporate structure based on equity and individual value

- A host of tangible, new ways to inspire and motivate your teams and partners authentically

- New approaches to managing companies and markets blending narrative economics, philosophy, and communication

- Leadership strategies for clients, instilling courage, measurement, and trust

- Learn to identify the key attributes of both group culture and your individual leadership style 

Who Should Enroll?

Creatives who are looking to gain a wider knowledge of modern day leadership skills and guide their teams more effectively. Those currently in a leadership position or anyone with clear career aspirations will flourish in this program.

Materials Needed:

Make sure to have a computer, strong internet connection, and the Zoom application. All other software, resources, and references will be provided.

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After completing a BCX program, participants will receive a certificate of completion, enhanced understanding of the program material, and a new network of professional colleagues.


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