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Friday Forum

A black and white headshot of Abu Ngauja from The Martin Agency, smiling at the camera and wearing a baseball hat with his hands folded across his chest.
Thursday, Nov. 5
6 p.m. - 7 p.m.


Abu Ngauja

Associate Director, Talent & Culture / The Martin Agency

Topic: Sanctuary, and the questions to ask to build for it.


Abu Ngauja (he/him) is a talent experience strategist, representation + belonging advisor, and sometimes-when-inspired poet currently based in Richmond, Virginia. His genesis didn’t start there—he began in integrated marketing, leading creative teams and partnering with clients to make work for global brands like McDonald’s, Audi of America, 23andMe, Playstation, and Reebok. A driving belief that everyone in the world “deserves to be seen as they want to be seen” led him to stops in nearly every US time zone and then on a quick soul trek through Mexico and Sierra Leone, before a push into becoming the first ever manager of talent engagement and inclusion at The Martin Agency. Now, as assistant director of talent & culture, he speaks power into the purpose of Martin’s talent through his philosophy of visibility, centering the experiences (primarily of those historically misrepresented) by way of language, community programming, wellbeing initiatives, and contribution-centered tools.