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Friday Forum

Headshots of Elsa Perushek, Peter Petrulo and Jason Zabel Zeus Jones
Friday, Sept. 21
11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

VCU Commons Theater

907 Floyd Avenue

Elsa Perushek, Peter Petrulo & Jason Zabel

Strategist, Designer & Partner, and Creative, Zeus Jones

Topic: Moving Innovation from Buzzword to Action w/ Zeus Jones

Innovation is one of most discussed topics in any business - but often it's just talk. At Zeus Jones we believe that actions speak louder than words, and that means taking innovation from board-room jargon to real-life products and services. We'll discuss our point of view on the sate of innovation and share with you one of our favorite innovation projects - Outsiders Pizza - and how we built a this brand and product in tandem.


Elsa Perushek is a strategist by nature and also by craft. She has partnered with a wide array of clients, from established multi-nationals such as Nestle and Nike, to developing organizations such as Minnesota United Football Club and Forest Stewardship Council. Her primary goal is to facilitate creative problem solving as she believes business and technology should answer human needs, not create new ones.

Peter Petrulo, designer and partner at Zeus Jones, has led teams on projects ranging from brand innovation to digital experiences and service design. Peter has been designing for over 15 years and still gets excited about a pixel-perfect interface. He’s created brand experiences for clients includingn General Mills, Code42, Best Buy, American Express and Apple.

Jason Zabel is a creative at Zeus Jones specializing in concepting products, experiences, and brand storytelling. His sweet spot is translating cultural insights into tangible brand actions—which one time led to Tim and Eric creating a pizza roll cannon for Totino’s. He has worked on Nestle innovation, Nike, Apple, Facebook and General Mills.