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Friday Forum

Friday, Dec. 9
11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

In person

Lauren Stewart & Christie Thompson

Co-Founder & Creative Director; Partner & Brand Strategist / Campfire & Co.

Topic: More than a Logo: Brands as Immersive Experiences


Lauren Stewart, Co-Founder & Creative Director
Lauren co-founded Campfire & Co. with a passion for turning good ideas into beloved brands. She brings 14 years of creative direction and design experience spanning branding and interior design of regional organizations and growing local brands. Over the past decade, Lauren has helped launch hundreds of brands and spaces, and excels at leading a team of designers through a strategic and detailed process.

Christie Thompson, Partner & Brand Strategist
Christie has spent her career seeking to align design with strategy. She brings over a decade of experience in marketing and brand strategy. With Campfire & Co., she has launched the strategic focus of over hundreds of brands, including large and small nonprofits, regional products, and numerous of local businesses. She is a passionate collaborator, strategist, and creative director.