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Friday Forum

Friday, Nov. 11
11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.


MJ Deery

Creative Director, Story / Matter Unlimited


Topic: My Path to Purpose


For more than 20 years, MJ has been helping brands establish who they are and how they sound, from old guards such as Gap, Inc. and Alaska Airlines to social justice endeavors for brands, nonprofits, and foundations, and grassroots initiatives.

She’s led award-winning work for The California Department of Public Health, educating the public on the tobacco industry’s ruthless targeting of marginalized communities, as well as a campaign to thwart voter suppression, making it easier for Black and brown citizens to cast their votes. 

As Matter’s Creative Director of Story, MJ is responsible for shaping narratives that bring truth and justice to some of society’s most pressing issues including maternal mortality, music education in public schools, health equity to low-income residents, sustainability and human rights in apparel production, among others. 

When asked what kind of a world MJ wants to help create, she answered: One where our top innovators are too busy on the climate crisis to run a messaging app full of personal rants and cat videos.