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Friday Forum

A headshot of Rick Plautz in black and white.
Friday, Feb. 4
11 a.m. - Noon


Rick Plautz (AD, 2014)

Adjunct Professor / Brandcenter

Topic: The Future of Everything is in The Metaverse

We’ve already lived through one paradigm shifting revolution: social media. And before that, the internet. We’re on the brink of another one with Web 3.0, or ‘The Metaverse’. As students of the Brandcenter, you are all very well positioned to be of tremendous value in the coming decade as this revolution unfolds. This presentation will help educate everyone about what the Metaverse is, why it’s important to know about, and how students can prepare themselves as they graduate into this new frontier. I’ll explain some of the terms being used (cryptocurrency, NFTs, blockchain, etc.) and how companies are positioning themselves to build it, sell in it, and be relevant inside it. Everyone is scrambling right now to understand this new world and I’m here to offer some guidance from my time down the rabbit hole. There will be case studies and examples of what companies have done right and wrong, as well as some key factors in creating success as brands and agencies will be looking to you to help them navigate and innovate. Times like these only come around once in a generation; it’s going to be wild.


When Rick was a student at the Brandcenter his fellow students voted him “Most Likely to Use Cinema 4D for No Reason." Unanimously.

Rick Plautz has been a professional motion designer and 3D animator for ten years. Since graduating from The Brandcenter in 2014, he’s worked with virtually every Richmond agency including Arts & Letters and The Martin Agency, on countless brands. In addition to teaching at the Brandcenter, Rick also instructs programs for our executive education program, BCX. He is a motion designer for Capital One, working on their internal brand content.

Rick says he loves the “unbridled potential and ambition” he sees in students, and is amazed at how students only need a nudge or two here and there to realize their passions and watch them light on fire.

An avid drummer, Rick enjoys endurance challenges and keeping up with the beat.

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