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Friday Forum

Seven black and white portraits of Brandcenter students
Friday, Feb. 12
Noon - 1 p.m.


Second-Year Students Present Work

Topic: Freeman High School / Where Are All The Black People?

Second-years present recent client work for Freeman High School and Where Are All The Black People?


Freeman Mavericks team:

Ellie Proctor (CBM), Hannah Berling (AD), Matt Cavallo (AD)

WAATBP team:

Sheila Villalobos (ST), Dinma Onyekwere (CBM), Marshal Turner (XD), Dani Loleng (XD), Malcolm Richardson (CW)


Brandcenter students often get the opportunity to work on real-world projects outside of class. This past fall was no exception—we'll hear from representatives of two groups as they present their work to the #BrandFam.
Ellie Proctor (CBM), Hannah Berling (AD), and Matt Cavallo (AD) will talk about the work they did for the Freeman Mavericks with teammates Hamza Ali (AD), Hunter Mott (ST), Joseph Mrava (XD,), Charlotte Robins (ST), Allison Weiner (ST), and Amanda Yoon (CBM).
Sheila Villalobos (ST), Dinma Onyekwere (CBM), Marshal Turner (XD), and Dani Loleng (XD) will present the work they did for WAATBP with teammates Will Curtis (CW), Alexandra Daniel (ST), David Ligon (AD), Angel Song (CBM), Malcolm Richardson (CW), and Nana Dadzie (ST).