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Friday Forum

Stephanie Garcia smiling at the camera and pointing, wearing a black New Balance race kit.
Friday, Feb. 11
11 a.m. - Noon


Stephanie Garcia

Content Strategist / D1.ticker

Topic: Athletes as Brands


Have you ever seen that weird cement hurdle in front of a pit of water on a track? That's called a steeple and it's one of five hurdles per lap in the steeplechase, a track event that Stephanie Garcia had never even heard of until she was a walk-on at the University of Virginia's cross-country and track teams. But because she's a connoisseur of Type 2 Fun, she jumped into the event feet first (literally) and kicked off a non-traditional career path that includes 10 years as a professional track athlete and lifelong status as an "Almost Olympian," thanks to an ill-timed tumble over the last barrier in the 2016 Olympic Trials.

Along with a mile personal best of 4:24, Stephanie brings first-hand experience developing a personal brand, working with agents and sports marketing departments and navigating the world of social media influencer marketing, having produced content for the likes of New Balance, PowerBar and Always Brand, among others.

With her eye on transitioning into college athletic administration, Stephanie is currently a content strategist for Drive and Company, a B2B media enterprise that covers the business of college sports via the daily D1.ticker, creates leadership development content via Athletic Director U and tracks the ongoing Name, Image and Likeness moves via Student-Athlete NIL.

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