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2022-23 school year

Aug. 19, 2022

Brandcenter Orientation

Aug. 22, 2022

Brandcenter New Student Open House

Aug. 23, 2022

Fall classes begin

Sep. 5, 2022

Closed for Labor Day

Oct. 21, 2022

Closed for Reading Day

Nov. 8, 2022

Closed for Election Day

Nov. 21 -Nov. 27, 2022

Closed for Fall / Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 13 -Dec. 20, 2022

Final projects/presentations

Dec. 22 -Jan. 2, 2023

Closed for winter break

Jan. 9 -Jan. 13, 2023

BC Sprint

Jan. 16, 2023

Closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Jan. 17, 2023

Spring classes begin

Mar. 5 -Mar. 12, 2023

Spring break, no classes

May. 4 -May. 11, 2023

Final projects

May. 12, 2023

Graduation TBD

Analysis & OpinionDecember 7, 2021

Tales from SIXTY: I needed a reset, Michal Howick (ST, 2022)

"And, then, I came across and visited the Brandcenter. I knew this is where I wanted to begin this new chapter of my life. This was my reset."

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In the NewsNovember 19, 2021

Brandcenter director will contribute to new anthology, ‘The Black Experience in Design’

Vann Graves has been selected as a contributing author in the anthology, which will publish in February and feature writings by Black designers, educators and researchers.

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AnnouncementsNovember 10, 2021

Brandcenter Students ask “What’s Next?” with Shift: VCU’s First Retail Lab Space

A team of Brandcenter students developed the brand identity for Shift, the 2,700-square-foot retail lab supporting VCU student innovators and entrepreneurs.

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In the NewsOctober 27, 2021

Brandcenter 2021 Pop-Up Shop Open

The Pop-Up Shop benefiting Brandcentral will be open until Friday, November 17.

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AlumniOctober 11, 2021

Tales from SIXTY: Pregnancy, Motherhood, and Brandcenter, Sharon Byun (XD, 2021)

"I was 24-weeks pregnant when my first semester started at the Brandcenter. I applied to the Brandcenter for a new challenge after working as a graphic designer for a long time, but I didn’t expect that challenge to include being a pregnant woman and a new mother."

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AlumniSeptember 27, 2021

Tales from SIXTY: Winning is Fun, Paige Majdic (CBM, 2021)

"It is hard to explain, but I felt like everything had happened for a reason. I felt as though soccer led me to a career in advertising."

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AlumniSeptember 13, 2021

Tales from SIXTY: Bet on Yourself, Nana Dadzie (ST, 2021)

"It felt like I was hitting a wall, and deep down I knew it was time for a more creative challenge. It was time to break some rules."

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AlumniAugust 30, 2021

Tales from SIXTY: Multiple Facets of Yourself, Monica Roebuck (CW, 2021)

"I knew I wanted to go to the Brandcenter about seven years before I finally got here."

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AlumniAugust 2, 2021

Tales from SIXTY: Ballet to Branding, David Ligon (AD, 2021)

“Growing up, I knew I was going to be a professional ballet dancer.”

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AlumniAugust 16, 2021

Tales from SIXTY: Restaurant Girl Turned Copywriter, Kate Power (CW, 2021)

“You don’t get all the answers in sixty weeks, but you get the tools you need to answer them for the rest of your life.”

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In the NewsJuly 28, 2021

D&AD Pencils Awarded to Two Brandcenter Teams

Two Brandcenter student teams were named winners in the 2021 New Blood Awards, a program by D&AD.

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AnnouncementsJuly 9, 2021

Tales from SIXTY: Who I Want to Be, Shrinidhi Vijay (AD, 2022)

"I remember being hesitant to apply to Brandcenter when I was looking at schools and in a way, I was holding myself back."

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