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In the NewsMarch 22, 2018

How This Unconventional Duo Changed A Conventional Industry

Hannah (AD, 2014) and Jade Sullivan (UX, 2014) sit down with Forbes to talk about and how they're turning the insurance industry on its end.

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In the NewsMarch 19, 2018

The next generation: VCU Brandcenter focuses on tech and data.

This Digiday article reports that on any given day, students at the VCU Brandcenter are likely to be working on projects involving emerging technologies like augmented reality and VR for companies like Spotify and Uniqlo. Under the school’s ever-evolving curriculum, classes on artificial intelligence and human-machine interaction are set to start this fall.

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AlumniMarch 20, 2018

Change It Up: Advice From 4 Career Shifters

What do a comedian, media planner, medical scribe, and financial sales manager have in common? They are all examples of career shifters that navigated into the advertising industry (with a little help from the VCU Brandcenter’s graduate advertising program). Hawley Smyth, senior admissions counselor, brings advice from four alumni career shifters who used their time at Brandcenter to switch into advertising from another career (and prove that you can come from any industry) or to change teams.

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In the NewsMarch 8, 2018

Richmond region will be represented at South by Southwest festival

Megan Reilly (XD, 2019),Ariana Safar (AD, 2019) and Andrew Allen (ST, 2019) designed a booth that represented the Richmond region at SXSW. 

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