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April 5, 2018
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#BrandFamGivesBack: Brandcenter Day of Giving, Apr. 25th

April is an important month at the Brandcenter. First years are securing their summer internships at agencies and companies all over the country. Second years are finishing their portfolios and prepping for their job searches. Mike Hughes Hall is bursting with excitement, energy, (and a little stress.)

With that energy in mind, we are launching the the first-ever Brandcenter “Day of Giving” to coincide with the first day of Recruiter Session on April 25th. For 24 hours, Brandcenter alumni, faculty, staff, friends, and industry professionals will come together to show their commitment to preserving everything that is the Brandcenter and what its students mean for the future of advertising.

This daylong fundraising effort has one goal: participation from as many alumni as possible, no matter the gift amount. All donations to the Brandcenter on the Day of Giving will go towards scholarships for future Brandcenter students.

Donate to Day of Giving

Over the next three weeks, we’ll be using our website and social media channels to share more about the impact of giving and why we hope you’ll support the Brancenter on April 25th. We’ll be using the hashtag #BrandFamGivesBack so you can follow the progress. The video below is the first in a series that features people from the Brandcenter community sharing how why the giving to the Brandcenter is crucial for the future of advertising.

#BrandFam isn’t just a hashtag. It’s a community that’s developed over the last 22 years of educating advertising leaders. And on April 25th, #BrandFamGivesBack.