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April 9, 2018
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Brandcenter students won big at the 2018 Richmond Show.

The VCU Brandcenter students had an incredible showing at the Richmond Ad Club's Richmond Show on Friday, Apr. 6th. They won two golds, two silvers, three bronzes and BEST IN SHOW. Congratulations to all the winners:

Venmo: "Fast pocket to pocket payments"
Category: Magazine
Lynn Nakamura (AD, 2018)
Will Luck (CW, 2018)

CVS Pharmacy: "Belay"
Category: Application development
Cody Eanes (XD, 2018)
Coryn Bajema (XD, 2018)
GL Richardson (AD, 2018)
Dominic Johns (CW, 2018)

Band-Aid: "Band-Aid protects against just about anything"
Category: Online video and film
Brianna Gross (CW, 2018) Robbie Persky (AD, 2018)

SILVER Shun knives: "Kitchen katanas"
Category: Magazine
Katelyn Ursu (CW, 2018)
Mike Rodriguez (AD, 2018)

SILVER Spotify: "Spotify passport"
Category: Integrated campaign
Jacob Buller (ST, 2018)
Kelly Prudente (XD, 2018)
Whitney Downing (AD, 2018)
Carole Trickey (ST, 2018)
KP Thomas (CBM, 2018)
Brendan Howard (CW, 2018)

BRONZE Merriam-Webster Dictionary: "Define the news"
Category: Outdoor
Clayton Notestine (CW, 2018)
Mike Lee (AD, 2018)

BRONZE ScreamFest Film Festival: "Ready or not"
Category: Broadcast TV
Molly McCarvill (AD, 2019)
Kelley Bode (CW, 2019)
Sean Johnson (CW, 2019)
Ariana Safari (AD, 2019)

BRONZE David's Bridal: "David's Bridal redesign"
Category: Integrated campaign
Mark Thompson (CBM, 2018)
Allison Rinaldi (AD, 2018)
Josh Clayton (CW, 2018)
Michael Musatow (XD, 2018)
Eliza Hadjis (CBM, 2018)

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