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May 3, 2018
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Brandcenter Day of Giving Raises $30,000 for scholarships

Our first ever Day of Giving, held on April 25th (the first day of the Recruirter Session), was a huge success. Thanks to the spirit of generosity of our students, alumni, faculty, staff, board of directors, and friends of the Brandcenter, we raised over $15,000 for the Brandcenter scholarship fund. We had 111 donors make gifts ranging from $1 to $5,000. The Brandcenter board has pledged to match the amount raised on Day of Giving, bringing the grand total to over $30,000.

We are thrilled that our first ever Day of Giving was such a success and are so grateful for the support of deserving future Brandcenter students. Scholarships will allow them to get the most out of their Brandcenter education and focus on becoming the creative problem solvers our industry needs.

We continue to accept donations for our scholarship fund and for other Brandcenter initiatives.

Thank you to all of our 2018 donors!

Evanne Allen (ST, 2019)

Gloryah Allen (XD, 2019)

Devin Altman (CW, 2016)

Paul Atienza (CBM, 2019)

Miguel Atkins (CBM, 2019)

Lauren Bagden-McGehee (ST, 2006)

Hannah Barr (ST, 2019)

Elizabeth Bassett (CW, 2017)

Katy Beisheim 

Allison Bhatta 

Alexis Brandolini (ST, 2006)

Zach Brown (CBM, 2019)

James Burton (CW, 2014)

Caley Cantrell 

Stevenson Cerrillo (CW, 2020)

Jenn Chau (XD, 2018)

Dean Collins 

Chris Colliton (XD, 2012)

Luke Colombo (CBM, 2019)

Tommy Cottam (CBM, 2010)

Kate de Longpre (AD, 2012)

Ray Del Savio (CW, 2005)

Maggie Dick (ST, 2019)

Greg Donnelly (ST, 2016)

Ryan Dowling (XD, 2013)

Jeff Dryer (AD, 2010)

Colin Eagan (XD, 2010)

Ruthie Edwards (XD, 2019)

Kevin Fitz (CW, 2016)

Philip Flickinger (ST, 2002)

Meghan Gaffney (XD, 2019)

Abbey Birsch Garbarino (CBM, 2013)

Stacey Garrett (CBM, 2016)

Jeff Gottwald (XD, 2015)

Andy Grayson (ST, 2003)

Julian Grimes (ST, 2019)

Andrea Groat 

Joel Gryniewski (CW, 2005)

Lauren Gryniewski (AD, 2005)

Sailee Gupte (XD, 2019)

Joelle Halle (XD, 2019)

Colleen Hiegel (CBM, 2017)

Lirra Hill (ST, 2011)

Chad Hilton (XD, 2019)

Beth Hughes (AD, 2017)

Virginia Ivey Booth (XD, 2011)

Ian Johnson (ST, 2010)

Andrew Jones (AD, 2017)

Gareth Kay 

Trey Keeler (CBM, 2014)

Katherine Keogh 

Brit Kern (XD, 2019)

Nima Khalilian (CBM, 2011)

Chorong Kim (ST, 2019)

Linda Kirova (XD, 2019)

Andrew Kong (CW, 2013)

Jackie Koon (XD, 2019)

Ralitza Kull (XD, 2014)

Katrine Limseth (XD, 2019)

Katie Long (ST, 2014)Jessica Longo (CBM, 2014)

Perry Lowder (CBM, 2016)

Faith McCormick (AD, 2006)

Conor McFarland (CW, 2017)

Belem Medina (XD, 2019)

Emily Miller (ST, 2015)

Perry Millner 

Jen Moody (CBM, 2017)

Tyler Moore (CBM, 2012)

Caroline Moyer-Kardos (ST, 2019)

Diana Ojibway (AD, 2002)

Kelly O’Keefe

Tobi Oluwo (XD, 2019)

Eric Powlesson (CBM, 2011)

Gautam Ramdurai (ST, 2011)

Jennifer Regan (CBM, 2017)

Charles Reilly 

Edward Reilly (ST, 2006)

Megan Reilly (XD, 2019)

Alexander Rice (XD, 2017)

Allison Rinaldi (AD, 2018)

Paige Rollins (XD, 2019)

Thomas Scaglione (CW, 2009)

Annie Shepard (AD, 2018)

Imani Sherrill (ST, 2019)

Neil Slotterback (CBM, 2010)

Matty Smith (CW, 2010)

Hawley Smyth 

Elise Sokolowski (XD, 2019)

Ashley Sommardahl (ST, 1998)

Danielle Baukh Stern (CBM, 2009)

Kyle Stolcis (ST, 2019)

Beka Tesfaye (CBM, 2019)

Missy Thieman (XD, 2019)

Rob Thiemann (CW, 2010)

Emily Toalson 

Nick Tobat (XD, 2019)

Nathan Toft (CBM, 2012)

John Topacio (CW, 2002)

Tom Vassallo (ST, 2013)

Zak Vono (XD, 2019)

Angela Waite 

Mikaila Weaver (XD, 2016)

Rick Webb 

Rachel West (ST, 2014)

Scott Witthaus 

Tyler Wriston (AD, 2013)

Matthew Yakob (XD, 2019)

Danielle Young (CBM, 2016)

Ray Zhang (XD, 2019)

Rachel Zhou (XD, 2019)