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February 14, 2020

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Love and Business at Brandcenter

They say the moment you start at Brandcenter, your entire life changes.

This couldn’t be more true for Rachel Scott Everett (AD, 2001) and Brian Gibson (AD, 2001), who not only launched their creative careers following their time at Brandcenter (previously Adcenter), but then got married and started their own creative studio, EVERGIB, together along the way.

Today, Rachel and Brian infuse their love of travel into their livelihood. EVERGIB is a nomadic creative studio, allowing them to travel globally to work with brands of all shapes and sizes. The opposite is also true: thanks to their agile business model (and wifi), Rachel and Brian can easily bring their work along where they travel for personal interest.

In an interview 20 years after they went to Adcenter Prom together, Rachel and Brian talk about how they transitioned from graduate school to the working world together.

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