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June 18, 2020

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Brandcenter Director’s Council Spotlight Series

Collaboration is the life blood of Brandcenter. We practice it at every level, and collaboration is the very reason we founded our Director’s Council: an advisory team made up of 17 individuals from a range of creative businesses (Google, Under Armour, R/GA, Squarespace, The Martin Agency, to name a few).

The Brandcenter Director’s Council is our direct line to the business world; they know how our industry is changing, what it’s going to take for our students to be successful, and how our program needs to adapt in order to meet those ever-changing needs. We collaborate with our council members to develop Brandcenter curriculum and real-world projects for students. Director’s Council members also contribute to Brandcenter scholarship awards.

Our Director’s Council members represent a range of professional backgrounds, industries, and leadership levels. Being able to tap in to their unique perspectives ensures that we’re considering different voices in all of our decision making.

Get to know our Director’s Council members this summer: we’re featuring interviews on our news page and social accounts. You can view our full list of members here.