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November 19, 2020

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Eight Brandcenter alums recognized at The Side Show Awards

Eight Brandcenter alums were recognized for their work in The Side Show Awards, an awards program that highlights the outstanding side projects of the advertising and design communities.

Congratulations to the following Brandcenter alumni members:

As it turns out, Smoldering Remnants started as a Brandcenter project. “We were tasked with creating a print campaign for Burning Man, and as we were concepting, Albert said, 'what if we did a dark version of Dr. Seuss? That's basically Burning Man in a nutshell right?' We agreed, and that was our 'a-ha!' moment that got the cognitive cogs turning,” says Chapkowski.

The duo was especially thankful to The Side Show for their win. “We're very humbled and grateful to not only take home gold, but for the people running the Side Show who, from what we understand, had an extremely limited budget to work with, and who took the time out of their busy schedules to make it a thing.”

Congratulations #BrandFam! Read more about The Side Show and winners here.