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January 17, 2021

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BCsprint Brings Clients DoorDash and Peloton to the Brandcenter

Get the brief on Monday. Give your pitch on Friday.

That’s the timeline in the annual Brandcenter Sprint competition, which kicked off on Monday, January 11, 2021. Nicknamed BCsprint, the competition is an opportunity for students to work on real business problems with real clients, all in a time-crunch environment that is becoming more-and-more common in today’s business world.

This year’s BCSprint was held virtually, with a total of 14 student teams split evenly between two live clients: DoorDash (and their agency, The Martin Agency) and Peloton. The competition is open to second-years, though students can select their own teammates and often choose varying combinations of concentrations. Each team is given a mentor to guide them through the process and offer advice and suggestions. Mentors include Brandcenter faculty, alumni, and industry leaders.

After leadership from DoorDash and Peloton delivered the briefs on Monday, Brandcenter students had just over three full days to prepare a strategy, plan for execution, and design a presentation. On Friday, January 15, each team had ten minutes to pitch its work to the clients (virtually), at which point each client selected a winning team.

The winning DoorDash team was made up of Marnie Abraham (ST, 2021), Chris Cole (AD, 2021), Shannon Gerety (ST, 2021), Joe Mrava (XD, 2021), Alex Reid (CBM, 2021), and Courtney Tibbetts (CW, 2021). The team’s mentor was Brandcenter professor KT Schaeffer (AD, 2001).

A screenshot of the Zoom call with the DoorDash client and Brandcenter winners.

The winning DoorDash student team on a Zoom call with representatives from DoorDash and The Martin Agency.

“Once we got the brief, we knew we wanted to create something that we thought would make a real impact in people's lives,” says Alexandria Reid (CBM, 2021) of her DoorDash team. “Hearing the judges connect with our idea and believe it has the possibility to be implemented is exactly what we’d hoped to accomplish. We’re so thrilled.”

The winning team for Peloton was a group of roommates, giving them the opportunity to work together in-person. Nicknamed “Agency 16 East,” the team was made up of Dominik Hofacker (XD, 2021), Thomas Freeman (ST, 2021), Hannah Berling (AD, 2021) and Chelsie Kelly (CW, 2021).

A screenshot of the Zoom call with the Peloton team and winning team.

The winning Peloton student team on a Zoom call with representatives from Peloton. 

"I feel so much closer to my roommates now that I know what they're capable such a short amount of time,” says Thomas Freeman (ST, 2021).

"The past five days have felt so surreal,” adds Hannah Berling (AD, 2021). “Getting the opportunity to work with a brand like Peloton alone is huge—but doing it with your three roommates that have been next to you on this wild, transformative ride of Brandcenter is a really cool feeling.”

For a behind-the-scenes look at the 2021 BCsprint competition, visit the Brandcenter Instagram account (@vcu_brandcenter) and click the BCsprint IG Stories highlight.