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March 31, 2021

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First-year Strategist Wins the One Club Bootcamp

On somewhat of a whim, Kai Butler (ST, 2022) signed up to participate in The One Club for Creativity’s Virtual Creative Bootcamp this spring.

“I didn't join the competition with the expectation of winning,” says Butler. “I simply wanted to challenge myself and see what type of strategy I could come up with on my own.”

The 2021 virtual competition was sponsored by Team One and took place over the course of one week: March 5-12. Open only to Black students, the competition grouped together participants from across the country and asked teams to work on a client brief and produce a full advertising campaign. On the final day of the boot camp, each team pitched their ideas to a panel of judges made up of top agency professionals and brand stakeholders.

Butler was placed on a team with two other creatives on the East Coast, having never met either prior to the competition: Clifmon Leroy, art director, and Imani Belser, digital media planner. Together they were “The Hub,” and they received a brief for one of Team One's clients, Expedia.

Expedia teams were asked to get their already established target, "Trip Maximizers," to book a domestic trip this summer with Expedia. After research and think sessions, Kai and her team landed on a strategy to help make travelers feel secure when they book with Expedia. Their campaign idea, "Book without the Baggage," moved from brief to execution in just three days.

"I was excited when I heard we won,” says Butler. “Participating and winning have definitely given me a boost of confidence in my work. In addition, it was really fun to work with creatives in different places across the country. I'd like to give a huge thank you to Team One for putting together such an amazing experience!”