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April 13, 2021

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Interview with Dim Sum and Then Some Podcast Founders

Three Brandcenter students, hailing from three different continents, studying three different concentrations. Together, the trio of Marissa Liu (XD, 2021), Ivy Lu (ST, 2022), and Kevin Ma (CW, 2021) started the podcast Dim Sum and Then Some, and each week they explore Asian food and culture, discussing everything from Boba drinks to Lunar New Year traditions.

Read more about their experience starting a podcast below, and give it a listen on Spotify and Anchor.FM.


Q. How did you decide to start the podcast?

A. This is a really fun story. Ivy was in Taiwan, and she reached out to Marissa to meet for the first time. They ended up talking about food for three hours because Marissa wanted to live vicariously through Ivy's daily meals in Taiwan. Ivy joked about starting a food podcast, but Marissa took her seriously. She then asked Kevin to join because they had been wanting to work together for a long time, and this was the perfect project!

Q. What has been your favorite part of the podcast so far?

A. Bringing back the memories of our childhood. When we're recording, it never feels like work at all, we're just talking with our friends and joking around. We've become much closer as friends through recording together, and that alone has made it all worthwhile. It’s also just more comfortable talking in this context because it feels like we all have a baseline understanding of the culture. We don’t have to explain to each other that our families ate rice growing up, or how chopsticks work—we can just jump straight into the deeper, more personal talking points—and that makes it more exciting.

Q. Have there been any big learning moments?

A. How similar our experiences are with food and culture, even though we come from three different continents (literally). Just how much goes into making a podcast! We all listen to podcasts and we kinda just waltzed into this thinking we could just talk about stuff, but you don’t think about all the prep work that goes on behind the scenes. With all the issues surrounding the AAPI community in the current climate, this podcast has really allowed us to showcase our identity and the parts of our culture that we don't always get a chance to share in detail. We're so proud to be Asian, and this project has given us a platform to celebrate that.

Q. What goals do you have for the future of the podcast?

A. Get more representation from other cultures, both from the Asia Pacific region and from other parts of the world. The three of us share a lot of similarities since we're all of Chinese descent and can share experiences from the East Asian perspective, but we recognize that the Asian experience is so diverse and rich, and we've barely scratched the surface.

Q. Is there anything you would like to add (fun stories, guests, etc.)?

A. Shoutout to Berwyn for supporting us when we first started! And shoutout to our first guests, Edo Ohayon, Ryan Shih, and Angel Song. Write to us if you have suggestions on episodes or if you'd like to come on as a guest!