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June 24, 2021

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Two Brandcenter Student Teams Awarded in The One Club’s Young Ones

Two Brandcenter student teams were awarded in the 2021 Young Ones Student Awards, a program by The One Club for Creativity. The competition is one of the most acclaimed advertising, interactive, and design student competitions, with a tradition of excellence dating back to 1986.

The campaign “Dubweiser” for Budweiser celebrates the “dubs” (or “wins”) in everyday life, especially as the country returns to normal post-pandemic. Created by first-years Corey Hambly (CW, 2022), Jessica Leonard (AD, 2022), and Edo Ohayon (CW 2022), the campaign includes a series of out-of-home displays, experiential work, product packaging, and a YouTube pre-roll. Dubweiser received a merit from the competition.

“It was difficult not to think about what was happening around us,” said Edo Ohayon. “2020 took so much from us that we all felt defeated. But Budweiser is the King of Beers, the undisputed champion. So we thought why not position Budweiser to help you win 2021 and make you feel like a winner again. Because kings never lose.”

In their campaign for WhatsApp, second-years Hamza Ali (AD, 2021), Pratibha Gauri Nigam (CW, 2021), and Payal Pereira (ST, 2021) tackled mental health in India, specifically teen depression and suicide. Every hour, one student commits suicide in India. Due to generational gaps in the country, the language of mental health doesn’t exist in conversations with parents. Students suffer silently and don’t seek out help from their parents who could be first responders in these situations.

WhatsApp bridges the generational gap between parents and their children—at the crack of dawn each day, Indian parents start sending 'Good Morning' forwards to their family members on WhatsApp. The Brandcenter team recognized that these 'Good Morning' forwards represent a digital love language. They created “The Wake Up Call” from WhatsApp, using the parent-friendly medium to help youths start the conversation about mental health. The campaign was awarded a merit from the competition.

“The best work comes from insights that are unique and local to the target market,” said Gauri Nigam. “We were lucky enough to land on one of those since it came from our own lived experience.”

The Young Ones Student Awards recognize the best young creative talent from around the world in a variety of creative disciplines. The Young Ones Brief competition tasks students with creating work for different types of clients for the chance to earn a One Show Pencil. The Young Ones ADC competition offers students the chance to earn an ADC Cube by competing in the same disciplines and categories as the ADC Annual Awards. The Young Ones Portfolio competition is an opportunity for students to showcase examples from their portfolio in a variety of creative disciplines.