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July 1, 2021

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Concentration Chair Tom Scharpf Named VCU Outstanding Mentor

In Spring 2021, Tom Scharpf (Art Direction and Copywriting Concentration Chair at the Brandcenter) was named a VCU Real Outstanding Mentor—an honor bestowed upon just ten faculty/staff members university-wide. The award recognizes those in the VCU community who have made exceptional contributions to students’ professional and personal development through experiential learning.

"Advertising is typically not an industry where you find formal mentor programs," says Tom. "So unfortunately, I think it gets a bit of a bad rap in that regard. But in my experience, there is no shortage of people within the industry who are willing to help if you just ask. Sometimes, you’ll be surprised at what total strangers are willing to do on your behalf if you just have good intentions. Believe it or not, the industry is filled with good and kind people."

Read more about the award at VCU Real.