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December 7, 2021

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Tales from SIXTY: I needed a reset, Michal Howick (ST, 2022)

Michal Howick (ST, 2022) needed a career reset, and a mentor suggested she look at graduate school. But she didn't want to enroll in just any program.

"I wanted to start again in an environment where I could push myself and be pushed by others, where I could invest in myself and grow. One that would not only challenge me but also nourish and fuel me. I wanted an environment where classmates were not only infinite sources of inspiration but also teammates and friends. I wanted to learn from professors who were not only industry or subject experts but would also truly know me and mentor me. A program where learning about your craft is just as important as learning about yourself and others. In short, I wanted a learning culture, not just a performance culture. Where collaboration is celebrated more so than having the right answers."

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