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December 21, 2021

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Brandcenter students complete work for Capital One, Lyft, Pinterest, WhiskeySmith

The Brand Experiences class at the Brandcenter always brings in a real-world client or two for project work. But for the first time in 2021, students were split amongst four national brands: Capital One, Lyft, Pinterest, and WhiskeySmith.

Student teams were briefed by their respective clients on October 26 and given just six weeks to develop their campaigns. Presentations for all clients took place virtually on December 7. Brandcenter alums participated in the project through their clients, including:

Michael Whitten (ST, 2010) - Global Head of Consumer Marketing, Pinterest

Luke Behrends (CW, 2007) - CCO/Founder, Words From The Woods

Meranne Behrends (ST, 2007) - CSO/ Founder, Words From the Woods

Each brand was impressed and excited by the work students delivered at the end of the six week period. Feedback included the following:

"They got straight to the heart of the brand platform, infused their work with honest-to-God feelings, their strategy setup was thoughtful and had an emotional build, and significantly made an impression about ways to 'reposition' us." - Lyft

"We have a winner! Actually, we have TWO winners. We couldn't decide on criteria, because there were ideas that were so dead on we could implement tomorrow. But also, we saw ideas feasible and exciting for year 2 or 3 when we have our footing as a brand. So, we have a year 1 winner, and a year 3 winner." - WhiskeySmith

The Brand Experiences project raised over $30,000 in funds towards student scholarships, thanks to generous contributions from the brands participating.


Image GIF courtesy of: Cara Toebbe, Jessica Rhee, Leslie Townsend, Olivia McGrath, Zey Masunu