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June 15, 2023

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Five Brandcenter Class of 2023 teams awarded Pencils in the 2023 D&AD New Blood Awards

Five Brandcenter teams from the Class of 2023 have been awarded Pencils in the 2023 D&AD New Blood Awards. Pencil levels will be revealed at the New Blood Awards ceremony in July.

The D&AD New Blood awards program is open to advertising, design, digital, and marketing students, recent graduates, and young creatives worldwide. Teams from around the world respond to real briefs set by real clients, and a judges panel made up of the industry's top creatives select which work is worthy of Pencil in one of the five levels: Wood, Graphite, Yellow, White, or Black (the best of the best). A D&AD New Blood Pencil is one of the toughest and most coveted awards a young creative can win.

Below are the Brandcenter teams awarded Pencils in the 2023 New Blood Awards program. We congratulate these members of the Class of 2023, as well as Brandcenter professor Berwyn Hung, and look forward to learning which level they've won later this summer.




Barclays / Gemma

Alex Fried (Art Direction, 2023)

Paul Noonan (Experience Design, 2023)

Martin Rees (Copywriting, 2023)

Allison Fitzgerald (Strategy, 2023)

View the work.


OMO / Unilever / Persil / Be Dirt Worthy

Morgan MacLachlan (Art Direction, 2023)

Lara Navarro (Copywriting, 2023)

Allia McDowell (Creative Brand Management, 2023) 

View the work.


Duolingo Math / Duo Duels

Zack Ackerman (Strategy, 2023)

Kendall Boron (Art Direction, 2023)

Calyssa Kremer (Art Direction, 2023)

Eli Reece (Copywriting, 2023)

Nate Villaire (Experience Design, 2023)

View the work.


Penguin / Connection Collection

Kari Martin Hollinger (Creative Brand Management, 2023)

Joelle Mitchell (Art Direction, 2023)

Allison Fitzgerald (Strategy, 2023)

Jemimah Ekeh (Experience Design, 2023)

Alex Huibsch (Copywriting, 2023)

View the work.


William Lawson Scotch / “We Put Oranges In It”

Alley Steele (Copywriting, 2023)

Travis Fairman (Experience Design, 2023)

Tommy Legg (Art Direction, 2023)

Rose D’Amato (Art Direction, 2023)

View the work.


Stay tuned for the final results!