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Class of 2022 Job Placement

Here's where the Class of 2022 will be working after graduation:


Art Direction
Name Agency/Company Location
Zoe Alexander Wieden+Kennedy New York, NY
Jessica Leonard Anomaly New York, NY
Griffin Drew Erich & Kallman San Francisco, CA
Ann Shoen Wieden+Kennedy New York, NY
Madeline Honig BBH New York, NY
Laura Rouw Goodby Silverstein & Partners San Francisco, CA
Ellen Veith Familiar Creatures Richmond, VA
Shrinidhi Vijay Translation New York, NY
Sarah Redmond Anomaly Los Angeles, CA
Cara Wolder GUT Miami, FL
Grace Geary Fallon New York, NY
Shannon Bullock VCCP New York, NY
Chrislin Hearn Chameleon Collective Miami, FL
Jay Do Le Truc New York, NY
ShahRukh Tailor Zambezi Los Angeles, CA
VanLeigh Armer American Express New York, NY
Myles Alston McKinney Los Angeles, CA
Name Agency/Company Location
Edo Ohayon Wieden+Kennedy New York, NY
Trey McMillan Mischief New York, NY
Kat Worrall  Anomaly New York, NY
Corey Hambly Observatory Los Angeles, CA
Harrison Fuerst Goodby Silverstein & Partners New York, NY
Kayla Hall Fallon New York, NY
Ben Bashaw Google Los Angeles, CA
Sabrina Rivera BBH New York, NY
Danny Todesca Le Truc New York, NY
Craig Kissoon Wieden+Kennedy Portland, OR
Raven Faux R/GA Los Angeles, CA
Cara Toebbe Anomaly NYC
Creative Brand Management
Name Agency/Company Location
Olivia Bouzigard Deloitte Digital New York, NY
Casey Mattis Mojo Supermarket New York, NY
John March Greenhaus San Diego, CA
Tori McCarl Streetsense Washington DC
Tiffany Boggs Martin Agency Richmond, VA
Kasra Baniisfahany Pereira O’Dell San Francisco, CA
Vivien Zhu  Anomaly New York, NY
Tracy Okafor Dentsu mcgarrybowen New York, NY
Olivia McGrath Martin Agency Richmond, VA
Erika Booker On Board Experiential San Francisco, CA
James Glass Red Peg  Alexandria
Natalie Hogan Dentsu New York, NY
Sophie Durand McKinney Durham, NC
Molly Barnett On Board Experiential San Francisco, CA
Isabelle Hansen Sony Pictures Entertainment Los Angeles, CA
Experience Design
Name Agency/Company Location
Urvesh Patel Walmart Bentonville, AR
Brooke Beam Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles, CA
Jessica Rhee Merkle New York, NY
Charles Pfaff AKQA Washington DC
Kaelan Brown Wieden+Kennedy Portland, OR
Andi Wenck Havas Chicago, IL
Alaysha Mikell Red Peg  Alexandria, VA
Katie Boller Univ. of Pittsburgh Medical Center Pittsburgh, PA
LeeAnn Dancy SuperJoy Richmond, VA
Ryan Shih Blockfi New York, NY
Pareesa Khwaja Wongdoody New York, NY
Houston Knight Allianz Richmond, VA
Ira Birch Booz Allen Hamilton Washington DC
Emily Wills Univ. of Pittsburgh Medical Center Pittsburgh, PA
Isabelle Boothe Markel Richmond, VA
Name Agency/Company Location
Lianne Boxley Deloitte Digital New York, NY
Karah Smith McCann Austin, TX
Ashanti Wright VMLY&R New York, NY
Kevin Nguyen Martin Agency Richmond, VA
Kai Butler On Board Experiential San Francisco, CA
Michal Howick VCU Brandcenter Richmond, VA
John Simons Doner Detroit,  MI
Ivy Lu BBDO New York, NY
Hannah Hugeback Mischief New York, NY
Trés Jones TBWA/Chiat/Day Los Angeles, CA
Stephon Jacob Martin Agency Richmond, VA
Rolang Piocuda McKinney New York, NY
Jackson Baehr VMLY&R Kansas City, Kansas
Leslie Townsend EP+Co Greenville, SC 
Ryan Waltz Martin Agency Richmond, VA
Fade Akinsade SYLVAIN New York, NY
Josh Zinger Giant Spoon New York, NY 
Abby Fine Wieden+Kennedy New York, NY
Annie Balint Walrus New York, NY


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