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Ashley Sommardahl
Associate Director

Our students are trained in a real-world setting to collaborate across disciplines in order to solve problems. By the end of their first year, they are driven and ready to prove themselves in summer internships.

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Internship details

Concentrations to choose from: Our students specialize in one of five concentrations: Art Direction, Copywriting, Creative Brand Management, Experience Design, or Strategy. You can request an intern from whichever concentration matches your needs.

Timing: Brandcenter interns are available May-August for an 8- to 10-week period. It's up to you and your intern(s) to set exact internship dates.

Compensation: Brandcenter interns are typically paid upwards of $20 an hour to help cover living and travel expenses. This is subject to market, role, and level of experience. Additional support may be helpful if they have to relocate for the role.

Housing: Students are responsible for their own housing. Giving them suggestions on where to look would be great.

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Why should I hire a Brandcenter intern?

  • Our students are taught to take a media-neutral approach to solving a business problem. They are "digital natives" and inherently think about the role technology plays in consumers' lives.
  • Courses are developed to help them stay ahead of the industry and become its future leaders.
  • Brandcenter students are independent and anxious to tackle real projects. They are accustomed to working 24/7.
  • Many students already have experience working at agencies or brands.
  • A Brandcenter intern costs much less than a freelancer for an 8-week period.

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