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Letter from the Director

In today’s rapidly shifting landscape, the Brandcenter goes beyond advertising, marketing, and branding. We are the training ground for people who come up with big ideas and creative solutions in advertising, business, art, culture, and beyond. We don’t just teach you the skills; we instill in you the art of adaptability and the essence of innovation. 

Our ultimate purpose is to ignite the tenacious and resilient spirit within each student, equipping them to not only face the future but to shape it. Imagine an experience where every challenge becomes an opportunity for growth, preparing you to lead with unmatched vigor and expertise. 

The magic only happens when different backgrounds, disciplines, and individuals converge to craft bold ideas as a team. That’s the alchemy of the Brandcenter: eclectic perspectives join together and allow creativity to flourish. 

So, if you’re seeking more than an education—if you’re looking for an immersive, transformative experience, you’ll find that at the Brandcenter. Here, you’ll be among a community of trailblazers and polymaths who continue to set new benchmarks in innovation and business.

You’re invited to become part of this unique group of visionaries and embark on a journey fueled by passion, unparalleled creativity, and an unyielding readiness for tomorrow.

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Vann Graves

Executive Director


We're committed to developing the next generation of creative leadership in advertising, branding, and marketing.