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The VCU Brandcenter is the training ground for an elite force of creative problem-solvers. Here’s how to recruit them at any level.

Attend a recruiter session

Recruit our graduates during this annual reverse career fair each April.

Request an intern

Request to hire a first-year summer intern.

View student portfolios

See creative problem solving in action on our graduates' portfolio websites.

Find a freelancer

Search our alumni freelancer directory by location or discipline.

Post a job

Our alumni are dedicated to improving the world, one idea at a time. If you're looking for creative problem-solvers, we're happy to share your job posting with our private alumni network. Just email the details to and include:

  • The position
  • The agency/company and its location
  • Application link(s)
  • Contact information for the position

Request our magazine

Do you know anyone who might be a great candidate for the VCU Brandcenter master's program? To request copies of SIXTY to give out during informational interviews, contact Just let us know how many copies you want and where to send them.

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