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Forum: Eric Kallman, Founder & Chief Creative Officer / Erich & Kallman

  • Eric Kallman

    Founder & Chief Creative Officer / Erich & Kallman

Headshot of Eric Kallman

About Eric Kallman:

Eric is one of the most celebrated creatives of the last 20 years. He created the Skittles “Taste the Rainbow” campaign, invented “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” and the Terry Crews characters for Old Spice, brought back the funny for Little Caesars, launched, and so much more.

He’s worked at agencies such as Wieden+Kennedy, Chiat/Day, and Goodby. Seven years ago, he co-founded Erich and Kallman in San Francisco, which has made the AdAge A-List of best agencies in America and was awarded Small Agency of the Year.

When not doing ads, Eric can be found eating too many Cadbury Creme Eggs, watching San Francisco Giants games, and goofing off with his two small kids (Delaney and Jacob) and even smaller dogs (Crouton and Hobo).