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Forum: Arts & Letters Creative Co. x ESPN

Headshots of Arts & Letters and Curtis Friends, ESPN

Forum Speakers:

From Arts & Letters Creative Co.: Andrew Kong (Copywriting, 2013), Creative Director; Chris Kim (Art Direction, 2013), Creative Director; Zack Stergar (Strategy, 2013), Strategy Director; Brenda Schneider, Head of Business Management/Group Business Director, Calleen Colburn, Executive Producer

From ESPN: Curtis Friends, Vice President, Sports Marketing

Forum Topic: Behind the Scenes of the Most Iconic Platforms in Sports Marketing

Don’t let the simplicity of ESPN’s iconic campaigns deceive you. It takes a lot of rigor and a little bit of magic to make This is SportsCenter, Ready for Football, The Greatest Story Ever Played, and It’s NBA on ESPN Time. During this discussion, we’ll take you on a behind-the-scenes tour of what it takes to serve fans & build platforms for the most magical place in the sports universe  – from the mining of fan truths to a relentless approach to craft in production, to the way in which the rigor and rounds of scripting serve as the ultimate teaching hospital and path to creative success.