Forum: Chane Rennie, Strategy Director / Wieden+Kennedy

Wieden+Kennedy logo, McDonald's, Chane Rennie

Forum Speaker:

Chane Rennie (Strategy, 2016), Strategy Director

As a part of the Wieden+Kennedy team for the McDonald’s account, Chane will give a preview into the W+K and McDonald’s partnership. He’ll share insights and success stories from their recent campaign examples (WcDonald’s, Grimace’s Birthday, and others).

About Chane:

I’ve had a job since I was 14.
For the past decade, in brand strategy at Wieden+Kennedy, Barton F. Graf, and 72andSunny.

Before that:
I was a paralegal doing secret agent stuff for Swiss Banks.
I was at a call center helping people get over the BP Oil Spill.
I was a cook, waiter, bartender, and busboy.
Construction, landscaping, and stocking shelves at a craft store.
I was once paid $100 to wear a bear suit at an Edgar Allen Poe museum.

Today, I put all of the above into a blender and use it to persuade people to care about brands and the companies/services/products they represent.