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“A lot of us came to the VCU Brandcenter wicked nervous and alone.”

A lot of us came to the VCU Brandcenter wicked nervous and alone. It probably sounds super cheesy, but we left VCU Brandcenter with a family.

The reason it’s so important to have this support system is that a lot of our friends, even our family, might not really understand what we do. But now we have this network, and it extends to so many different cities.

We started at the Facebook Factory right after graduating from the Brandcenter in May. There are tons of Brandcenter alums here!

One of our first big projects was to create a campaign to celebrate love for the International Day of Peace. Sam Halle, who graduated with us and is also at Facebook with us, knew we were working hard. She also knew we were stressed- this campaign was the first thing that we produced.

So the day the campaign launched, she got all the Brandcenter alums from our class that are working in San Francisco to pitch in for an edible arrangement. It came with a card signed by everybody.

It was a sweet surprise to celebrate the first thing we produced since starting at Facebook.

-Scott Dobbin, Copywriter at Facebook, VCU Brandcenter copywriting track, class of 2016 and Tori McGoogan, Art Director at Facebook, VCU Brandcenter art direction track, class of 2016