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Ashley Sommardahl

Associate Director

Sometimes it seems like Ashley Sommardahl knows everyone in this crazy industry of ours. Seriously though—she has connections around the globe, and she never forgets a name, face, or what year a student graduated from the Brandcenter. That’s because Ashley isn’t just our associate director—she’s a powerhouse asset to our students who are just beginning to pave their way in the world of brands.

Ashley bends over backwards to get our students the resources and opportunities they need to thrive. Orientation, Forum, Recruiter Session, BCsprint… Ashley runs the show for these and so much more. She has a wealth of alumni, industry, and general Brandcenter knowledge, which she utilizes to make sure our students are prepared to enter the industry and grow in their careers. Students often refer to Ashley as “amazing,” “magical,” and simply put, “the best.”

A graduate of the Brandcenter herself (Strategy, 1998), Ashley also holds a bachelor’s from the University of Virginia. Ashley worked as an account manager at The Martin Agency before coming back to the Brandcenter in the early 2000s. She is an avid tennis player and mother of twins.