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Emma Barone

Director of Strategic Initiatives & Enrollment

Emma is all about building relationships that prioritize student success. As assistant director of student affairs, she works to create an engaging, meaningful experience for all of our students. From the moment a student commits to attending the Brandcenter, Emma is doing everything in her power to ensure they have the resources they need to achieve greatness during their time here. Whether it’s organizing Orientation, Friday Forums, workshops, or our annual Recruiter Session, Emma is behind the scenes of just about everything our students participate in. As a middle schooler, Emma was suspended for holding a peace protest, so it’s evident that she is naturally inclined to plan and host unforgettable events.

Prior to joining the Brandcenter, Emma spent nearly a decade working with undergraduate and high school students around Virginia in their pursuit of higher education. She graduated from Hollins University with a degree in Communication Studies and Film Studies.

A native New Yorker, Emma and her family have made Richmond their home. In her “free” time, Emma is busy volunteering with the Junior League of Richmond and studying the intricacies and sophistication of reality TV, with a concentration in the Bravo franchises.