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Marielle Beckers Siebers

Assistant Director of Admissions Operations

From helping small NGOs navigate government processes in Nepal to supporting marketing and recruitment efforts at the VCU School of Business, Marielle brings a wealth of diverse experience to the Brandcenter Admissions team. As a CRM database professional, she’s been known to geek out over data, but she is even more passionate about taking action that helps people and organizations achieve their potential. Marielle’s expertise in events and communications comes from her many years of experience working for higher ed and government organizations such as the European Institute for Public Administration and the Netherlands Embassy in Washington DC.

Marielle is a people person who enjoys meeting new people from all walks of life. A native of the Netherlands, Marielle speaks four languages and has lived and worked in six different countries, which has given her a unique perspective on different cultures. Her favorite saying is “life begins at the end of your comfort zone;” she loves being challenged and learning and experiencing new things.

She is married and has a son, who delights her regularly with his unique perspective on life, as well as two wonderful stepchildren. In her free time, Marielle enjoys travel, writing, organizing parties, and sharing meals with her family and friends—especially the Indonesian rijsttafel that her husband expertly prepares.