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Michael Chapman

Adjunct Professor, Creative, Creative Brand Management

Chief Client Officer / The Martin Agency

Michael Chapman is one of The Martin Agency’s favorite boomerangs. A longtime veteran of the agency, Michael recently returned to Martin to serve as chief client officer. Prior to his return, he served two years as chief marketing officer at CarLotz, a publicly traded used-car marketplace designed to disrupt the category.

As part of Martin’s executive leadership team, Michael has held the roles of chief strategy officer and chief growth officer, helping the agency move to a win rate of 70% in three years. That growth was integral to Martin becoming Adweek’s Agency of the Year.

Michael has worked on both sides of the Atlantic helping unleash creative power to brands including UPS, Walmart, DoorDash, Intel, Heinz, and OREO.

He holds a Master of Communications from Virginia Commonwealth University’s Brandcenter (Strategy, 2001), as well as a Master of Business Administration from the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business. He resides in Richmond along with his wonderful and patient wife, three human (and three pet) children.