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Sarah Moore

Communications and Marketing Manager

Sarah is proud to be Richmond-born-and-raised and an avid advocate for the arts. She brings a scrappy start-up mindset, creative eye, and sunny attitude to the Brandcenter team.

Sarah has contributed to beloved Richmond brands as a co-founder of Studio Two Three, Richmond’s non-profit artist makerspace and communal print shop, and co-owner of Mean Bird, a food truck and catering company that Sarah and her husband built from the ground up. 

Before joining the Brandcenter team, she most recently tackled all things communications, marketing, PR, and graphic design for the VCUarts Department of Theatre. Sarah holds a BFA from the VCUarts Painting & Printmaking Department and is currently completing an MS in Mass Communications with the VCU Robertson School of Media and Culture.

​When not at Brandcenter, you can find Sarah in the Northside where she lives with her husband, two kids, and two dogs.