Stacy Thomas

Adjunct Professor, Creative Brand Management

President, CEO / Good Run Research & Recreation

Stacy’s superpower, if we have to choose one, is connecting—people, ideas, and dots galore. Stacy is the founder and CEO of Good Run Research and Recreation, facilitating ideation and specializing in create-to-order qualitative and quantitative research solutions. She is a firm believer that when you start with the right ingredients, magic happens with very little work but very big fun. Her vision for Good Run sprung from that belief and an overwhelming urge to connect the dots of the research puzzle to build a better model.

Stacy is an expert in youth and women’s research, a bit of a madwoman when it comes to innovation, and known for navigating the tricky line between creative and business objectives during communications research. But what really lights her research fire is a room full of folks (who may or may not know how creative they are), a blank slate, and a challenge.

She earned a Bachelor’s of Science in psychology and sociology from William & Mary and a Master’s of Science from the Brandcenter (Strategy, 2001).