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Steve Latham

Head of Learning / Cannes Lions

Steve considers himself the luckiest man at Cannes Lions. Working every day with industry legends in the creative community, he creates inspiring learning programmes for the global community, in particular for the rising stars and the next generation of leaders. Who wouldn’t want to do that? Every year, Steve is blown away by the talent that comes through the School, the ideas that are shared, and the friendships that are forged.

He began his career working with the NHS but quickly realized it wasn’t for him. He wasn’t saving lives but he did spend six months reorganizing the huge HR filing cabinet. Following a cycle around Europe, he ended up as a marketer and loved it.

Steve has worked for Cannes Lions since 2005, first overseeing the Festival’s content then founding and developing the Learning team. Since 2011, he has built The Cannes Lions School, a learning and development portfolio of over 30 programmes for Cannes Lions and their regional events. He plays golf badly and wants a golden retriever.