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The program

We're a two-year, full-time master's program focused on developing

the best creative problem-solvers in the world of brands.

The Brandcenter at VCU is part creative studio, part business school. As a student, you'll graduate with:

  • A master's degree in business
  • A portfolio of work
  • A healthy appreciation for the power of original thinking

Our programs focus on depth and breadth. No matter your concentration, you'll gain a deep understanding of how to craft your work through hundreds of hours of practice and critique.

You'll learn how consumers think and how the industry works — and how to collaborate with your teammates to get the best ideas.

The learning doesn't stop at creative problem-solving. Under the guidance of faculty with extensive industry experience, you will also learn how to present, persuade, and sell your work and your ideas.

Along the way, you'll tackle real projects and meet industry leaders. You may find yourself presenting work to executives from companies such as Apple, Droga5, Disney, Wieden + Kennedy, Google or Nike.

The Brandcenter alumni network is second to none. Brandcenter alumni regularly mentor current students by reviewing work, sharing career advice, and hosting tours/informational interviews at their agencies/companies.

Areas of concentration

Each concentration represents an important industry discipline, but students work together collaboratively to create a real-world environment. Read on to learn more about each one.

Art direction

Art Direction students are visual problem solvers with a strong sense of concept and design. They participate in the development of concepts, then bring them to life with images, typography, and technology. Art Direction graduates go on to work in roles as art directors, creative directors, and designers on the agency side of the business. We also have art direction alumni on the client side, working within in-house creative studios for brands.

Curriculum and Courses


Copywriting students can bring life to big ideas through storytelling that is bold, honest, and engaging. They must work across a range of styles from comedy, to serious prose, from long videos you can’t stop watching, to short social media messages that make you stop and think. Copywriting graduates go on to work in roles as copywriters and creative directors on the agency side of the business. We also have copywriting alumni on the client side, working within in-house creatives studios for brands.

Curriculum and courses

Creative brand management

Creative Brand Management students use a combination of creativity and business acumen to build brands. They lead cross-functional teams to focus their efforts in ways that build brand equity and fulfill business objectives. The Creative Brand Management concentration is versatile in terms of career options. Our CBM graduates go on to work in roles as account managers and strategists at agencies, marketing roles on the client side, brand strategists at brand/innovation consultancies, and entrepreneurs.

Curriculum and courses

Experience design

Experience Design students work on creative teams to concept, design, prototype, and build brand experiences that help people and that push the envelope of what is technologically possible. Experience Design graduates have gone on to work at top agencies, at top brands on the client side of the business, and at successful start-ups. They have done award-winning work for global brands and have been recognized as leaders in our industry. Our graduates operate under multiple titles in the industry (and this is a good thing). Titles include experience designer, creative technologist, interaction designer, user experience designer, information architect, and multimedia producer, among others.

Curriculum and courses


Strategy students are students of creativity, budding anthropologists who love to learn about different cultures, people, and groups; culture mavens who follow pop culture and trends, future forecasters, problem solvers, and insightful generators of ideas that inspire and move business forward. The Strategy concentration is versatile in terms of career options. Most ST grads go on to roles within the strategy or planning department of an advertising agency, brand consultancy, or experiential agency. Others can be found at PR firms, consumer research companies, in-house at brands, or starting their own businesses.

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