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The experience

Two years. Five concentrations. Real-world experience.

From the moment you set foot in the Brandcenter, you feel part of a group of smart, talented, and deeply committed people from diverse backgrounds, all working toward a common goal.

The challenge

You'll work with professors who are industry leaders on team-based assignments, tackling real world challenges. The work will be grueling, but the friends you make and your determination to succeed will keep you going.

By the end, your work will be stronger than you ever thought it could be, and you'll have a new approach to solving problems. You'll know dozens of industry leaders by name, and you'll have formed friendships that will last a lifetime.

The fun

Along the way, you'll have moments to enjoy a city known for creativity at all levels. From gallery openings and jazz festivals to street artists from all over the world, Richmond is a place to charge your creative batteries.

Whether you need the solitude of early-morning kayaking on world-class rapids or want to spend the evening at one of our dozen craft breweries with classmates, Richmond is a great place to be.

But don't get too comfortable. There's work to be done in the morning.

The full story

You've seen the program stats. You've seen the work. But what are the 60 weeks as a Brandcenter student really like?

Visit and watch our full Brandcenter experience video to hear the stories.

Our students and alumni tell you what brought them here, what they've learned, challenges they've faced and what it's like to go from school to career.

"Although born on different edges of the world, we quickly became family when we met at that boot camp."

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