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The people

Headshot of Vann Graves

Vann Graves

Executive director
Headshot of Caley Cantrell

Caley Cantrell

Professor, strategy
Headshot of Dean Collins

Dean Collins

Network analyst
Headshot of Peter Coughter

Peter Coughter

Professor, persuasion
Headshot of Mark Fenske

Mark Fenske

Professor, creative
Headshot of Wayne Gibson

Wayne Gibson

Professor, creative
Headshot of Berwyn Hung

Berwyn Hung

Professor, creative
Headshot of Don Just

Don Just

Professor, creative brand management
Headshot of Katherine Keogh

Katherine Keogh

Student affairs and communications manager
Headshot of Andrew Levasseur

Andrew Levasseur

Professor, experience design
Headshot of Isabelle Mouton

Isabelle Mouton

Program Administrator
Headshot of Michael Mullen

Michael Mullen

Professor, creative
Headshot of Kelly O'Keefe

Kelly O'Keefe

Professor, creative brand management
Headshot of Jonathan Pitts

Jonathan Pitts

IT support specialist
Headshot of Amy Robinson

Amy Robinson

Office manager
Headshot of Kevin Rothermel

Kevin Rothermel

Professor, strategy
Headshot of Ashley Sommardahl

Ashley Sommardahl

Director of student affairs and industry outreach
Headshot of PJ Sykes

PJ Sykes

Administrative assistant
Headshot of Scott Witthaus

Scott Witthaus

Professor, film/technology