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Charlotte Robins (ST, 2021)

Hi! Char here—second-year strategist currently finishing up her last semester at Brandcenter (cue ~nervous laughter~).

“But Charlotte,” one may ask, “how did you get here??”

After I graduated from Rollins College with a vague and ambiguous degree in Communication Studies in 2016, I moved up to New York City to start my career as a media buyer. I always envisioned myself working in advertising and felt comfortable being a part of the analytical side of the industry, crunching numbers and building out schedules for television.

During those three years in media, I spent my days purchasing ad space on national cable networks and local broadcast stations in select markets for our clients. It’s a numbers-based profession that really tested me. In retrospect, I think I tricked myself into believing that it was my forever job because I was doing pretty well for myself.

Through my ups and downs, I made some amazing friends on the buying and sales side and learned a lot about the industry, agency life, and, most importantly, what I liked AND didn’t like about my job. This ultimately led me to decide that it was time to move on to something more creative.

Enter Brandcenter.

The Brandcenter was the perfect fit for me. I don’t know how I got so lucky to end up in such an inspiring environment surrounded by some of the smartest and most talented people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. AND we’re all good pals! Like what?! It’s nuts. As soon as I started my first year classes, I knew I had made the right decision for me.

While strategy focuses on connecting people, brands, and culture, my nerdy media experience has come in handy during my time here. Not only am I a spreadsheet wiz and am familiar with helpful media jargon, I also have that vital work experience that makes collaborating with my classmates a breeze. I know my way around healthy conflict resolution and I can bring a level-headed mindset to the table when working in groups.

I would encourage anyone who’s looking for a change—whether it be a complete career swap or a subtle shift—to take a look at the application. If you are on the fence between concentrations, see which questions are the most fun to you. The application is half the battle, but once you’ve found which concentration clicks with you, it will fly by.

I’m starting my job hunt (~cue more nervous laughter~) but I feel prepared headed into this process because of the tools that the Brandcenter has equipped me with. Apart from being a more out-of-the-box, strategic thinker, I’m much more confident speaking my mind and sharing my ideas. My favorite part about this program is that there are no wrong answers. There’s no client money on the line and no one is going to fire you. It’s all about throwing your craziest concepts and thoughts to the wall and seeing what sticks.

Charlotte Robins (ST, 2021)

Portfolio: charlotterobins.comInstagram: @char_robinsLinkedIn: /in/charlotterobins/