Five from Brandcenter win in 2023 D&AD New Blood Portfolios Competition

Only 184 Portfolios from young creatives around the world selected; five from the Brandcenter Class of 2023

A collage of screengrabs from students' portfolios

Five members of the Brandcenter Class of 2023 have won in the D&AD New Blood: The Portfolios with Editor X competition.

The Portfolios competition recognizes excellent portfolios across a number of disciplines, deeming the creatives behind them as the ones to watch out for.

From the more than 900 entries submitted by young creatives around the world, the 50+ industry-leading judges selected only 184 Portfolios to showcase.

The Brandcenter is proud of the following five members from the Class of 2023 whose Portfolios were selected.

Advertising & Photography:

  • Eleni Alafoginis (Art Direction, 2023)
  • Lindsey Evans (Art Direction, 2023)
  • Grace Hudson (Art Direction, 2023)

Digital Design:

  • Meg Monroe (Experience Design, 2023)

Mixed Discipline:

  • Nate Villaire (Experience Design, 2023)

View the winning Portfolios.