Hard work + talent + engaging the network properly = limitless opportunity.

Devin Altman, copywriting track, Class of 2016

I often tell prospective students that the Brandcenter network is beyond special – not only does it provide job opportunities, but has also been where most of my friends have come from in the last few years, especially in Los Angeles.


My current freelance gig at Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo is due in large part to the Brandcenter Alumni network. Thanks to a push from my friend Greg Donnelly (ST, 2016), I booked a trip to Tokyo that I had been waiting to take for 15 years.


Before arriving in Tokyo, I reached out to Ashley Sommardahl, Senior Director of Academic and Student Affairs, who put me in touch with Charlie Gschwend (CW, 2003). Charlie showed me the W+K Tokyo office and got me a meeting with the recruiter at W+K Tokyo.

A few months later I was offered a six month contract with W+K. Greg Donnelly (ST, 2016) also put me in touch with a creative director at Google Brand Studio APAC, who is now a friend here in Tokyo.


Though some alums may feel that ‘BC is over and was a long time ago’, I do not agree. I think there is a networking opportunity for graduates as well, no matter how long ago they graduated.


Our network is a living and evolving thing that works wonders when engaged properly. No, the network will not hand out jobs. But, it does give access to showcase talent on an unprecedented level. Yes, Wieden + Kennedy loved my book, but without Charlie Gschwend (CW, 2003) there is a good chance they would have never seen it. Our network is more of a community than a ‘job board’. I often refer Brandcenter people to recruiters or creative directors whenever possible.


BC can be a tough place, but tough things tend to be rewarding. It has given me a new career, a new life, and an entire group of lifelong friends.

Devin Altman, copywriting track, Class of 2016