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I left home and moved to the United States to attend Brandcenter.

Alana Loveys (CBM, 2020)

I’m from Newfoundland — a big, rocky island off the east coast of Canada. 

Newfoundland has its own dictionary, timezone, and unique culture — ask me about the “screech-in” process. Feeling unfulfilled while heading towards a career in accounting, I decided to make a change. With a passion for branding, a curious mind, and a desire to make a difference, I left home and moved to the United States to attend Brandcenter. 

Being away from Newfoundland allowed me to gain a greater appreciation for the province’s beauty and culture. Many Newfoundlanders are forced to leave home to chase their dreams. During my first year in the Creative Brand Management concentration, I saw an opportunity in that departure. In typical Brandcenter fashion, I asked “how” — how can I find a way to help other Newfoundlanders who move away feel closer to home? 

I decided to design artwork for a deck of Newfoundland-inspired playing cards — a traditional Newfoundland pastime. I surveyed Newfoundlanders to ask what came to mind when they thought about the province and got to work. 

I taught myself Adobe Illustrator, pulled some late nights, and within seven days, “EH B’Y” cards were born. I created 14 unique designs for the card faces, a tartan print, and packaging. I secured a printer, created social media accounts, and launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project. Within 24 days, my Kickstarter campaign was 117% funded thanks to 80 backers who purchased a total of 111 decks of cards. To sell the remaining 139 decks, I opened an Etsy shop and also supplied a local retailer in St. John’s, Newfoundland. In less than four months, I sold out of my first round of inventory. 

EH B’Y cards all started with a desire to learn something new and stay connected. Figuring out how to make an idea a reality — that’s just a fraction of what I learned at Brandcenter.

Alana Loveys (CBM, 2020)