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“I thought the hard part was getting accepted.”

I thought the hard part was getting accepted. As I near graduation, I realize the hard part is figuring out what is next.

The VCU Brandcenter has given me the tools to succeed wherever I want, which makes narrowing my next steps pretty dang hard. But, at its core, that’s what the Brandcenter does. It prepares you, both mentally and emotionally, for anything the world throws your way.

I’ll never forget looking around the room during orientation and feeling like somehow I slipped through the cracks. There were people that I felt were more creative, came from better schools, and had better professional experience than I did. I quickly realized my classmates and I were all in this together. That’s why our network is so strong, we’ve all been through something- and we’ve been through it together. And after being beaten so hard by the Brandcenter stick of knowledge, I’m more confident in myself and my capabilities than ever before.

-Troy Gary, creative brand management track, class of 2017